Canary In A Data Mine

After mining through the mountains of information on this subject, here are a few nuggets of news.

Data integration is one of the most important issues facing enterprises today. The Gartner Group has estimated that IT organizations spend about $40 billion annually on integration, software, and that the average enterprise has a median of 14 databases. IT professional have realized the need for easier (and less expensive) access to information resources within the enterprise.

With the introduction of the Integration Server, Callixa ( has developed  the first enterprise. The solution allows companies to map data across multiple disparate data sources, and uses a common metadata-based data in the enterprise. The Integration Server provides dynamic, bi-direction access to, and modification of, data located in multiple sources, enabling users to create unified views of enterprise data regardless of the data’s native source.

Siebel Systems ( has selected the Fonix ( text-to-speech technology to voice-enables its Siebel eBusiness applications. This voice interface will allow Siebel eBusiness applications users to gain real-time access to corporate information from any telephone.

Sonexis ( has announced plans to deliver voice-driven solutions to enterprise customers utilizing the Jasmine Portal from Computer Associates ( These new solutions offer enterprise customers a single, unified access point to corporate data. Through its Solution Services Group, Sonexis will be using its Show N Tel and ActiveCall software development environments to develop and deploy these Jasmines Portal solutions.

digiMine ( has announced its Enterprise Analytic Services, enabling organizations to manage, interpret, and act on high volumes of data from within specific business units or across the enterprise. The service includes a scalable, hosted data warehouse architecture, multiple business unit reporting, digiMine CRA (a marketing campaign analysis module), advanced data mining, View Builder (an intuitive analysis tool).

digiMine Data Slurper (a software tool to automatically extract, encrypt, and deliver data to the digiMine data center), and professional consulting services.

On the consumer-centric, self-service end of the market, TroubleTree Software ( has announced its flagship product, TroubleTree, an interactive solution for inbound contact centers designed to answer common customer queries. By targeting the 80 percent of questions asked over and over, TroubleTree allow the customer to describe the problems step by step in an interactive manner. A decision tree is created by this series of diagnostic questions and responses, and may be scrolled backward to enter a different response at any time. Patent-pending technology utilize a relational database, and TroubleTree is also customized to client products upon installation and integrates seamlessly into their Web site.

By: Daniel Callaban

Source: Communications Solutions


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