Chairman’s Letter – Grow your company

Investing in existing ICT / IT companies – venture investment fund – February 2013
Dr. Usama Fayyad, Chairman

We are excited to announce that we have launched a new investment grow company track targeting more established businesses. This track complements our seed and early-stage IT investment tracks that have met with more demand than our expectations and resulted in some very nice success stories. However, we have found out that there are many companies in the market that can benefit for our training, acceleration, and investment funds – however these companies did not think of Oasis500 before because they assumed we only target new companies. We are sending you this message because we need your help in reaching the audience of companies that could benefit from this opportunity. So if you know of a group of entrepreneurs, of an existing company that needs acceleration and growth investment, or if you are yourself interested, please get in touch with us.

The new IT investment track targets companies that have been operating in the market over the past year or more. These could be companies that have a market proven product or companies that have developed a new IT product/service and they need to take it to market or expand its existing market. Typically such companies require capital to accelerate their IT product and market expansion plans or to develop new versions that address bigger markets.

The launch of the new business investment track corresponds with Oasis500’s goal to support a growing segment of aspiring IT business leaders and SMEs. For businesses that provide a proven business case, the amount of investment can go up to USD $500,000. Interested IT companies that have a proven record, a prototype or proven market product can now apply to Oasis500 by submitting their information to us through our Grow Company Form.

Under this new business investment track, Oasis500 has created a program which includes investment and mentorship, legal, financial, marketing and PR services, as well as business consultation and investment coaching. We are also providing corporate development workshops, as well as market exposure and establishing connections with clients and partners.

To ensure that our candidate companies get the best expertise and exposure, our new investment track has been launched in partnership with key regional investment funds to provide business leaders and their existing companies with the support they need. Oasis500 has partnered with Badia Impact Fund of Accelerator Technology Holdings (ATH) an active regional venture investment fund; WAMDA, an investment fund and platform aimed at inspiring and connecting entrepreneurs; and MENA Ventures, a true early-stage focused angel investment fund operating from Jordan. These partnerships were established in order to aid Oasis500 in providing help and guidance with regards to evaluating candidate companies, giving business plan feedback and setting up the right KPI’s to ensure that qualified companies can attract appropriate venture and follow-on investments.

We are currently holding individual meetings with existing companies, as well as orientation sessions to go through the new track process and to answer all their inquires. If you are interested in applying, or if you know someone who is eligible for our fund, please apply by filling out our Grow Company Form.

February 2013
Usama M. Fayyad, Ph.D.
Chairman, Oasis500.

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