Coping with the Data Chaos Post Data Landscape Disruption

ODSC East 2016 | Usama Fayyad – “Coping with the Data Chaos Post Data Landscape Disruption

Full Title: “Coping with the Data Chaos Post Data Landscape Disruption: Analytics over the New BigData Enterprise Platforms”

Abstract: Unstructured Data and the BigData platforms forces a disruptive change that left most enterprises in a major Data Chaos. The combination of economic drivers in enterprise computing, the need to leverage semi-structured and unstructured Data, and the emergence of the Internet of Things (IOT) is driving a dramatic shift in the Enterprise Data landscape. The advent of Hadoop and the Open Source stack in this space have accelerated the changes to a point of confusion. Today’s business data analyst faces a bewildering environment of technologies and challenges involving semi-structured and unstructured data with access methodologies that have almost no relation to the past. An equal confusion is faced by IT and business users. In the meantime, the ability to drive significant business value from “Data Assets” has never been greater.

This talk will cover:

1. Why is BigData different and what is driving the change in storage technology

2. Issues and challenges in how to make the benefits of advanced analytics fit within the application environment.

3. The requirement for Real-time data streaming and analysis is stronger than ever.

4. Why Data Science and several related fields become critical to almost all future analytical tasks.

5. How every company is becoming a BigData company, even the smallest of organizations

6. Real case studies to demonstrate and discuss the challenges and the great opportunities for BigData and Data Science.

Bio: Usama Fayyad, Ph.D. is Group Chief Data Officer at Barclays in London. His responsibilities include building and delivering the data infrastructure for BI, data warehousing, BigData analytics & insights technologies across the Barclays Group globally as well as data governance, and enterprise Data Architecture. He also took on an additional role at Barclays as CIO of Risk, Finance, and Treasury Technology in Autumn 2014. He is also co-lead with Group CISO Troels Oerting of the innovative Data Fusion Project for Cybersecurity with multiple applications in Compliance, FinCrime, and Risk. He is Chairman of Oasis500 in Jordan following his appointment in 2010 by King Abdullah II of Jordan to be the founding Executive Chairman. Oasis500 is a tech startup investment fund that runs an accelerator, entrepreneurship training program, angel investment network & mentorship program aiming to fund 500 Internet and Technology startups in the MENA Region. From 2011-2013 he served as Chairman & CTO of BlueKangaroo, a mobile search engine based in Burlingame, CA to help consumers benefit from the vast and substantial, yet unwieldy, and confusing offers ecosystem.

2008: founded Open Insights: data strategy/technology firm to help enterprises develop data strategy & BigData solutions to effectively grow revenues – worked with large telco and Tech companies, prvate equity funds, and on-line/mobile companies.

2004-2008: Yahoo!’s chief data officer & Executive VP of Yahoo!’s global BigData systems/policies & data scientist group using Big Data for content/ad targeting: growing Yahoo! revenues from targeting by 20x in 4 years while processing 25+ Terabytes of data/day. Founder of Yahoo! Research Labs: the premier scientific research organization to develop the new sciences of the Internet.

2003: co-founded/led DMX Group, a data mining/data strategy company — acquired by Yahoo! in 2004. 2000: co-founder/CEO of Audience Science (digiMine, Inc.) the leader in Behavioral Targeting & ad networks.

1995-2000: led Data Mining & Exploration group at Microsoft Research, built data mining products for Microsoft’s server division. 1989-1996: held a leadership role at NASA’s JPL in running the Machine Learning Systems Group for analysis of Big Data in Science earning him the top research excellence award from Caltech, as well as a U.S. Government medal from NASA.

Fayyad’s Ph.D. in engineering is from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (1991). He holds BSE’s in both EE & CSE (1984); MSE in CSE (1986); and M.Sc. in Mathematics (1989).

He published over 100 technical articles in AI, Machine Learning, Data Mining and Data Science, Databases and Algortihms, holds over 30 patents. A Fellow of AAAI (Association for Advancement of Artificial Intelligence), Fellow of ACM (Association of Computing Machinery), editor two influential books on data mining; Founding editor-in-chief of primary scientific journal in field (Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery) and of SIGKDD Explorations Newsletter, Chairman of ACM SIGKDD which runs the world’s premiere data science, big data, and data mining conferences: KDD.

He is an active angel investor in U.S., EU and Middle East specializing in early-stage tech companies.

Published by Open Data Science on Jul 7, 2016. Watch online.


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