Corporate Monitor: Young Arab Leaders (YAL) / Jordan Chapter Reveals Its 2009 plans

Members of the Young Arab Leaders Organization (YAL)/Jordan Chapter held their first meeting for the year at the King Hussein Club last Tuesday, January 27 to launch the work plan for 2009.

Mr. Ala’ Khalifeh, Chairman of the Board of Directors delivered a speech to welcome the attendees, emphasizing on the goals of the organization and the role that it plays in developing and enhancing youth leadership skills.

“The Organization has a group of young leaders who left remarkable achievements in their societies and have the ability to make a difference. YAL will work to enhance its members’ abilities and build their leadership skills to encounter the social and economic challenges that face society and lead to reform.” Mr. Khalifeh added.

On his part, Mr. Nabeel Abu Ata, Director of YAL Jordan Chapter presented the future programs and initiatives of the Organization to attending members, highlighting the goals of their initiatives which including YAL Role Model, YAL Mentor, YAL Diplomat, YAL Public Advocacy, YAL Give Back, YAL Intern, Jordan Education Employment Network and YAL Members Induction.

Through this presentation, Mr. Abu Ata discussed the strategies of those initiatives and the positive effects they will have on members of the Organization, adding that these initiatives have been recognized as the work plan for 2009.

During the meeting, members engaged in a group discussion regarding these initiatives, Mr. Ahmed Attiga, Treasurer of YAL-Jordan Chapter, presented recommendations that would help the organization fund its initiatives. On the other hand, Mr. Saed Mouasher, YAL Board Member, called on members to give the best of their efforts to support these initiatives. In addition to that, Board Member Mr. Mustapha Tabba’ focused on the mechanism to spread awareness of these initiatives in the local community.

The meeting was attended by the YAL Board Members in Jordan, where they expressed their constant support to the Organization, its goals and programs; asserting the role of the Organization in finding leaders who can benefit the society and contribute to its development and prosperity.

It is good to note that Members of the Board of Directors – Jordan Chapter include Mr. Ala’ Khalifeh (Chairman), Mr. Shareef Abu Khadra (Vice Chairman), Dr. Ahmad Attiga (Treasurer), Mr. Haitham Dahleh, Mr. Mustapha Tabba’, Mr. Saed Mouasher, and Dr. Usama Fayyad.

About YAL
YAL is an independent, not-for-profit organization, founded in 2004 and aims to contribute to the development of the Arab World through effective initiatives to solve the most intensive problems of the region and create job opportunities and options for the Arab youth.

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