Data as the primary enabler of Machine Learning Progress

September’s meetup talk will be presented by Usama Fayyad, the long-time worldwide leader in data science from the beginning. Usama was the first person ever to hold the title Chief Data Officer (at Yahoo!). He was the co-founder of the KDD conferences and has led Data science or Machine Learning at NASA JPL, Barclay’s, Yahoo!, Microsoft, and many startups. Currently co-founder & CTO of OODA Health, which has opened a tech office in Salt Lake City.

This is an amazing opportunity to hear from one of the greats. Don’t miss this one.


We explore the themes around the success and failure in historical approaches to AI and Machine Learning. We develop a theme that the primary driver around success has been better data and not better algorithms. We then proceed to discuss and motivate the need for BigData platforms to enable the capture and exploitation of unstructured and semi-structured data. We also discuss Data Science and how it differs from Machine Learning. The majority of our discussion will be made in the context of case studies of powerful applications in Finance, Healthcare, and the online advertising world. We also outline the challenges facing Machine Learning and Data Science and what is needed to make things work in practice.


** SPECIAL GUEST – Usama Fayyad **

6:00pm: Dinner and socializing
6:30: Presentation
8:00: Stick around and talk about machine learning with a great group


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