digiMine Announces Customer Segment Manager — Powerful Solution for Actionable Customer Intelligence

Dow Jones & Company Uses Application to Improve Understanding of Customers and Content Use on The Wall Street Journal Online and Other Web Properties

digiMine(TM), Inc., the leader in data mining and analytic solutions for business users, announces today Customer Segment Manager.
Customer Segment Manager is an innovative analytics solution that enables marketers to define specific customer groupings based on behavior and demographics, manage them over time and act with targeted marketing and customer communications. By providing relevant, accurate and timely customer intelligence, Customer Segment Manager helps marketing executives and CRM managers reduce costs and boost revenues through more precise marketing and customer service. With the launch of Customer Segment Manager, digiMine builds upon its suite of award-winning solutions and reinforces its commitment to enabling business managers to take action on their data for more profitable marketing, sales and service operations.

“Customer Segment Manager lets us easily analyze subscriber behavior by a whole range of dimensions. We can identify customer segments and which content is most popular with each,” says Kate Downey, director of customer intelligence, Dow Jones Consumer Electronic Publishing, publisher of The Wall Street Journal Online. “Customer Segment Manager gives us a holistic view of the customer experience, which is information we can act on. It helps identify subscriber usage trends and ways to grow subscriber loyalty.”

Customer Segment Manager is a new component of digiMine’s comprehensive Enterprise Analytics suite. Like all of digiMine’s offerings, it is delivered as a managed service, minimizing IT requirements and costs. Intended for marketers and CRM managers across various industries — retail, media & entertainment, financial services, manufacturing and others — Customer Segment Manager allows users to precisely define customer segments based on demographics and behavior, such as Web site visits, transactions and response to marketing or advertising. Unlike other segmentation tools on the market that deliver only single snapshots of customer segments through complex database queries, Customer Segment Manager tracks segments over time, allowing managers to measure how their ongoing efforts are impacting customer loyalty and satisfaction. Most importantly, Customer Segment Manager allows users to take action on findings, providing the ability to extract customer lists for targeted campaigns and communications.

“digiMine is focused on developing easy-to-use, automated solutions that empower business people to intelligently act on findings from data mining and analytics,” says Nick Besbeas, digiMine chief strategy officer. “Developed through feedback from our customers, Customer Segment Manager is unlike any other product available today. It provides an in-depth view of specific customer segments as they evolve, enabling marketers to increase bottom-line results through more effective marketing and increased customer satisfaction.”

For additional information about Customer Segment Manager, visit www.digimine.com/solutions, email digiMine at info@digiMine.com or call 425/460-5000.

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digiMine is setting new standards for the delivery of powerful data mining and analytics. digiMine managed solutions transform raw data into actionable business intelligence for more profitable marketing campaigns, sales interactions and customer relationships. The company’s solutions are powered by a managed data warehouse and delivered via the Internet, providing fast deployment, a low total cost of ownership and outstanding return on investment. For additional information about digiMine call 425/460-5000 or visit the company Web site at www.digiMine.com.

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By: Jerry Bowles

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