digiMine Employs Business Intelligence To Untangle Wireless Web

Businesses that want to track mobile Internet use by consumers now can access a new wireless business intelligence (WBI) service from digiMine, Inc. The company described WBI as the first of service of its kind to let wireless content providers, service providers and carriers manage, analyze and act on their wireless Web data.

Through hosted data warehousing, mining and business analytics, WBI reveals such information as customer segments, content consumption patterns and transaction trends, digiMine said. In essence, the software evaluates data in real-time to create wireless Web user profiles.

Outsourcing To Boost Service

WBI services extend a carrier’s or content provider’s infrastructure, as they serve as the equivalent of Internet service providers, digiMine spokesperson Joel Sider told CRMDaily.com.

“It’s a hosted service. A lot of these organizations are struggling to (do) this data analysis on their own, and outsourcing it is a faster way to analyze and use the information to improve service,” Sider said.

Sider added that digiMine has a contract with a “major” wireless carries, but the company would not divulge the name.

Analyzing Log Files

The WBI data warehouse stores gateway and content server log files – electronic records of how subscribers use their wireless devices and access wireless Internet content.

On a daily basis, digiMine analyzes this data and delivers Web-based reports to business users. Thus, wireless companies can identify the most popular content and service and measure the effectiveness of new offerings to meet the needs of their own subscriber bases, digiMine said.

WBI’s features include hosted data warehousing; integrating multiple wireless and wired data sources, such as gateway activity, carrier-hosted content files, product and user profile information, and third-party content hosted at the carrier, and analytics that uncover the ways customers use the Internet from their mobile devices, contrasting wires and wireless content use.

Targeting Content

These Web-based reports can identify subscriber groups with common demographics and behavior for targeted content and marketing by content providers; digiMine said. A strategic relationship with wireless marketing and data company Telephia, Inc. to deliver WBI as the business intelligence foundation of the Telephia Consumer Measurement Service is designed to help wireless carriers manage their Internet data files, the company said.

Industry news reports said WBI can provide location-based data analysis, taking advantage of a mandate by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, which has ordered wireless carriers to provide location technology for enhanced 911 (E911) service.

While there is the potential to inundate wireless users with unwanted advertising and other spam through location-based technology, digiMine officials said WBI is a content use mechanism, not an advertising delivery mechanism.

Founded in March 2000 by former Microsoft employees, Bellevue, Washington-based digiMine provides business intelligence and decision support through intuitive reports with customizable and interactive visuals.

By: Jay Wrolstad

Source: CRMDaily


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