digiMine Launches Business Intelligence Services

Seattle-based digiMine, which recently secured $20 million in a Series B round led by Mayfield Fund, has launched its digiMine Services.

The services, which are based on an ASP-driven data warehousing and mining solution, will allow businesses to benefit from business intelligence – based upon the data they already possess.

According to digiMine President, CEO and Co-founder Usama Fayyad, digiMine is paving the way for all businesses to be able to capitalize on the value of their ever-increasing volume of data.

“Never before has the power of high-end data warehousing and data mining technology been available so easily and economically,” says Fayyad.

To efficiently and safely capture information from a variety of customer data sources, digiMine employs an advanced extraction and transformation tool, called a Data Slurper. The “Slurper” captures data from the customer’s repositories, compresses and encrypts it for secure transmission to digiMine’s data center. The data is then parsed, cleaned and loaded into the customer’s individual, secure data warehouse.

The digiMine Services, which will start at $5,000 per month, will offer daily reports on customer behavior, site performance, content and product consumption, browse-to-buy conversion and marketing campaign effectiveness. digiMine Services will also offer data mining algorithms uncovering patterns in data such as product and event affinity and new customer segments

Some of the companies that have already tried digiMine’s service include: Evite.com, Allrecipes.com and Dialpad.com.

According to Allrecipies.com Director of Marketing Michelle McEttrick, the digiMine service delivers tremendous value by providing her company with a much deeper understanding of how and when its customers utilize the features on their website. “We are using this insight to proactively improve the customer experience. In the end, that’s what it’s all about, delivering value to our customers,” says McEttrick.

Dialpad.com President Dr. Hyunduk Ahn also feels that digiMine has benefited his business. According to Dr. Ahn, the digiMine model scaled to accommodate his company’s growing volume of data (over 20 Gigabytes a day).

“It allowed us to immediately begin analyzing our business without sinking time and money into an inferior data warehousing solution,” says Dr. Ahn.

By: Barry Elad

Source: Internet News / PDF

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