digiMine Launches Wireless Business Intelligence — WBI — Service

First of its Kind Offering Enables Wireless Content Providers, Service Providers and Carriers To Increase Profitability by Optimizing Services and Customer Experience

BELLEVUE, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–digiMine(TM), Inc., the leader in hosted business intelligence services, today introduced digiMine Wireless Business Intelligence (WBI).

digiMine WBI is the first service to provide wireless Internet content providers, wireless service providers and wireless carriers with the means to manage, analyze and act on mobile Internet usage data generated by subscriber activity. Through fully hosted data warehousing, mining and business analytics, WBI uncovers information critical for success in the wireless arena, such as customer segments, content consumption patterns and transaction trends. With digiMine WBI, wireless businesses can convert their data into actionable information, enabling them to optimize the customer experience and increase revenue.

“digiMine has quickly established itself within the Web analytics, data warehousing and data mining markets,” says Jacqueline Coolidge, director at analyst firm Hurwitz Group. “Now digiMine is applying its expertise and service model to meet a growing demand among wireless carriers and content providers for solutions to harness and use their data for real business intelligence.”

digiMine WBI is part of digiMine’s suite of hosted services aimed at empowering businesses to use their data for better business decision-making, customer acquisition and retention, and operational efficiency. WBI allows wireless businesses to efficiently integrate and interpret multiple data sources in order to better target their content and services to their customers’ interests. Like all digiMine services, WBI is a fully hosted solution that can be deployed in just a few weeks without the normally prohibitive costs of in-house business intelligence infrastructure.

digiMine WBI provides a secure, hosted data warehouse to house gateway log files and content server log files — the electronic records of how subscribers use their wireless devices and access wireless Internet content. Every day, digiMine analyzes this data and delivers Web-based reports to business users. With WBI, wireless companies can identify which content and services are most popular, measure the effectiveness of new offerings and more accurately meet the needs and interests of its subscriber base.

Through interactive, Web-based reports, digiMine WBI enables customers to easily identify subscriber groups with common demographics and behavior for targeted content and marketing. Also with WBI, wireless content providers and carriers can correlate subscriber segments with content or products and determine their most profitable services and offerings.

For the wireless carrier market, digiMine has established a strategic relationship with Telephia, Inc. to deliver WBI as the business intelligence foundation of the Telephia Consumer Measurement Service, Telephia’s solution to help wireless carriers manage and interpret their wireless Internet data files. WBI serves as the core data warehousing, mining and reporting infrastructure of the Telephia service to provide wireless carriers with invaluable data management, insight and decision support about service and content usage.

digiMine WBI includes:

  • Comprehensive, hosted data warehousing, integrating multiple wireless and wired data sources such as gateway activity, carrier hosted content files, product and user profile information and third party content data hosted at the carrier.
  • Convenient data enhancement by appending third party enhancements to client data to produce a robust data set for data mining.
  •  Extensive analytics uncovering the ways customers use the Internet from their mobile devices, contrasting content usage in both the wired and wireless medium.
  • Timely and interactive reports, accessible via a standard Web browser, revealing wireless data traffic analysis, wireless content and service usage patterns and subscriber analysis such as content and transaction affinity.

About digiMine

Founded in March 2000, digiMine is setting new standards for the delivery of powerful analytics and personalization to businesses. digiMine’s advanced data warehousing and data mining services are securely delivered via the Internet, which enables a fast and reliable way for businesses to act with precision and speed. digiMine provides invaluable business intelligence and decision support through intuitive reports with customizable and interactive visuals. Typical deployment occurs within a few weeks, dramatically reducing costs, complexities and the burden on IT departments. www.digiMine.com. For additional information about digiMine call 425/216-1700 or visit the company Web site at www.digiMine.com.

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Source: Wireless Week / PDF

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