digiMine Seeks Partners For ASP Service

DigiMine Inc. is seeking partners to help sell its newly launched business intelligence service, which is based on the application service provider model.

The ASP uses a data extraction tool to capture data from its customers’ repositories. The data is compressed, encrypted and then transmitted to DigiMine’s data center. Once parsed and cleaned, the data is loaded in to the customers’ individual data warehouses. DigiMine runs data-mining applications on the data and generates reports, which customers can download. The company announced its service on Monday.

Nick Besbeas, co-founder and VP of marketing and sales at digiMine, says the company plans to cultivate partners to sell the company’s services. He says potential partners include ISPs and co-location companies that host Web sites. “DigiMine firs very neatly with customers who provide core site services,” Besbeas says. DigiMine will offer its services to partners at a discounted rate, so they can resell the services to make a profit, he says.

In addition, DigiMine plans to pursue deals with advertising agencies that provide analytical services. Besbeas says DigiMine is in discussions with both infrastructure and analysis companies.

Besbeas says he believes DigiMine’s ASP services will expand the market for business intelligence. Smaller companies have found the technology out of reach due to its cost and complexity, he explains. But data warehousing “ended up being a distraction” for some larger enterprises, as well, he adds.

DigiMine currently has more than 20 customers including e-commerce marketplaces, Web-content businesses, Web telephony companies and other ASPs.

By: John Moore

Source: ZDNet


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