Getty Images Selects digiMine For E-Commerce Business Intelligence

Leader in Imagery E-Commerce Deploys digiMine Analytic Services To Enhance Customer Service and Revenues

Bellevue, WA (May 22, 2001) — digiMine, Inc., a leading service provider of business intelligence solutions, today announced that Getty Images is using digiMine Analytic Services for business intelligence. Getty Images is the world’s leading provider of imagery and related products and services. The company will now work with digiMine to measure, analyze and report on Web site usage and customer interactions in order to gain further insights into customer use of its leading web sites.

“With enormous breadth of product offerings on the Web, Getty Images requires powerful tools to measure and analyze how our customers – tens of thousands of creative and editorial professionals around the globe – use our Web sites,” says Sally von Bargen, Senior Vice President, Marketing at Getty Images. “digiMine provides insight and decision support, empowering us to optimize the design of our Web sites, improve the overall user experience and grow revenues.”

Under the terms of the agreement, Getty Images will use digiMine’s hosted service to manage, analyze and report on Web data from three of Getty Images’ most-frequented e-commerce sites:, and digiMine’s service should assist Getty Images by identifying key customer segments, Web site usage patterns and traffic statistics.

“Getty Images’ selection of digiMine clearly validates the value our services provide. digiMine Analytic Services are ideally designed to provide companies with a comprehensive view of their business via powerful analytics and data warehousing that can scale to any volume of data” said Usama Fayyad, digiMine’s chief executive officer and world-renowned data mining authority. “digiMine makes sophisticated business intelligence technology accessible by eliminating the cost and infrastructure requirements normally associated with data warehousing and data mining.”

“We evaluated multiple business intelligence solutions and digiMine’s service quickly won Getty Images’ unanimous approval,” says Scott Miskimens, Vice President, Technology Services. “It provides us with in-depth data mining and analysis and allows us to concentrate on what we do best, which is delivering premier visual content to our customer base.”

digiMine Analytic Services combines leading data warehousing technologies and proprietary data mining algorithms with premier technical expertise and guaranteed service. The company builds and maintains a secure, private data warehouse for each of its customers and applies data mining and analytics to reveal meaningful patterns and provide actionable insight. Each day, digiMine customers log onto secure, Web-based reports about product sales, customer behavior and marketing campaign response. digiMine Analytic Services far exceed simple Web traffic measurement by integrating multiple data sources to deliver a global view of business metrics and insightful decision support.

About digiMine
Founded in March 2000, digiMine is setting new standards for the delivery of powerful analytics and personalization to businesses. digiMine’s advanced data warehousing and data mining services are securely delivered via the Internet, which enables a fast and reliable way for businesses to act with precision and speed. digiMine provides invaluable business intelligence and decision support through intuitive reports with customizable and interactive visuals. Typical deployment occurs within a few weeks, dramatically reducing costs, complexities and the burden on IT departments. For additional information about digiMine call (425) 896-1700 or visit the company Web site at

About Getty Images, Inc. Getty Images Inc. provides the essential building blocks for visual communications. Through an award-winning collection of more than 70 million images and an estimated 30,000 hours of film, Getty Images provides the most striking, affordable still and moving imagery to help creative, editorial and business professionals create powerful communications. A pioneer in migrating the management of visual content to the Internet, Getty Images continues to reshape the way communications are produced around the world. Getty Images is a global business, with headquarters in Seattle and customers in more than 50 countries and 40 percent of its revenues from outside North America. For more information, please visit

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