Gov. Healey assembles Artificial Intelligence Strategic Task Force

Published by WHDH TV on March 1, 2024

Gov. Maura Healey has assembled an Artificial Intelligence Strategic Task Force that includes tech experts and leaders from top universities across the state.

“Boston, in general, was one of the leading spots for AI,” said task force member Usama Fayyad, who is Executive Director of the Institute for Experiential AI at Northeastern University. “For I would say a couple of decades, in the very beginnings of artificial intelligence.”

The task force will meet to discuss the future of AI and how to stay ahead of its incredible potential.

“The governor was saying, ‘Hey, why have we let this lead slip away from our state and how do we bring it back in a big way?’ I think the state is going to identify areas of strength where we can have distinction,” he said.

Fayyad said he believes AI, if used the right way, can help advance numerous industries and sciences. But he also warned there can be consequences for using it the wrong way.

“Thinking carefully about how do we do these things but do them the right way and how do we achieve these advantages but do it the safe way will allow us to win the race.”

The task force is expected to make its final recommendation to the governor later this year.

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