Martini Media Debuts on WPP Open AdStream in U.S. and Europe

Martini and 24/7 Real Media Partner to Reach the Most Important Audience, Boost Martini Media Reach by 300%


NEW YORK– Martini Media (, a media channel for 65 million people in the U.S. and Europe who make more than $100,000 per year, will now be available to WPP ( advertisers through 24/7 Real Media’s Open AdStream® ( ad management and ZapTrader® real-time bidding platforms. The deal between Martini and 24/7 Real Media ( gives WPP clients access to premium positions online, and lets them combine Martini opportunities (content and advertising within more than 1,000 business and lifestyle publishers’ sites) with other vehicles on the system. The deal also allows Martini to serve ads globally across platforms—online, mobile and video—and build more sophisticated audience profiles.

“There’s real marketing power in the right numbers”

“This expands our scale and utility for many of the world’s largest advertisers,” said Skip Brand, CEO of Martini Media. “It makes us the biggest pipeline to $100K+ consumers in the U.S. and Europe. It heightens the relevance of our publishers in a dynamic marketplace, and systematically weaves them into mass multimedia campaigns.”

This represents another big step forward for the rising Martini, which grew 500% in the past year and recently brought on Yahoo! Labs founder Usama Fayyad ( to design a proprietary platform for branded response targeting. As part of the deal, Martini will now incorporate both of Europe’s pre-eminent b-to-b channels, BBN UK ( and The Digital Partnership (TDP) ( Martini entered a partnership with TDP in December (

“There’s real marketing power in the right numbers,” said Matt Gower, CEO of The Digital Partnership ( “Being able to reach nearly all of the most affluent, influential businesspeople in one click shifts the balance in a brand’s favor. That’s the winning proposition Martini is building for global b-to-b marketers.”

Using 24/7 Real Media’s ZapTrader, WPP agencies will integrate premium positions in the Martini channel with a wide range of other media capabilities. The deal allows Martini to triple its effective audience to more than 300 million $100K+ households. And, it gives many of the world’s biggest marketers a more personal connection to the people with significant money and influence online.

“Advertising is all about audience,” said Lee Doyle, president of MEC Group (, the WPP agency whose clients include Barclays and Telecom Italia. “Martini brings together a premier audience via the passion sites where they are deeply engaged. Using Open AdStream, Martini provides our clients an advantage with a pivotal audience.”

“Open AdStream puts differentiated content on an easy to use platform for WPP advertisers,” said Ari Bluman, President, North American Sales and Operations at 24/7 Real Media. “Martini Media’s 1,000 publishers represent premium destinations for market and taste makers online. They are a significant expansion of our system.”

About Martini Media

Martini Media is the digital media platform for reaching American consumers with household incomes over $100,000: 25% of the Internet population with 70% of the spending power. Martini operates a publisher network of 1,000 lifestyle and business sites where this audience is most engaged. For publishers, Martini provides revenue support across banner, video, mobile, email, social, local, and data solutions. For more than 300 premium, luxury, and B2B advertisers, Martini leverages proprietary audience data and provides a variety of custom programs and rich media solutions to meet both direct response and branding needs. Martini was founded in late 2008 and is funded by Venrock, Reed Elsevier Ventures and Granite Ventures, along with a number of prominent angel investors. For more information, visit

About 24/7 Real Media, Inc.

24/7 Real Media, Inc., a WPP company, provides digital marketing solutions for advertisers and publishers globally by empowering them to reach their target audiences with greater precision and transparency, resulting in better ROI. 24/7 Real Media’s award-winning ad management platform, Open AdStream®, and its Global Web Alliance of high quality publisher websites, have turned the art of reaching audiences across any digital medium into a measurable science. Behind every insight, there’s the experience of 18 offices in 12 countries, billions of global advertising impressions served every month and a stellar reputation as a leader in the digital marketing industry. 24/7 Real Media is headquartered in New York and operates throughout North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. For more information, please visit 24/7 Real Media: The Science of Digital Marketing.

Source: Business Wire

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