Nationwide targets digital with new additions

Nationwide Building Society has announced five new appointments to bring additional weight and knowledge to its commitment to digital innovation, mobile channel, payments, data and security innovation.

The individuals are a range of experts from the payments, FinTech, mobile channels development, cyber security and data industries – boasting decades of experience that aim to complement Nationwide’s in-house teams.

The experts are Conrad Prince, former director general of intelligence and strategy at GCHQ; Usama Fayyad, former chief data officer and group managing director at Barclays Bank; Mark Hartley, inventor of Clear2Pay open payment framework; James Greene, ex vice-president of global financial services at Cisco; and Lisa Stanton, chief executive officer at InAuth.

Nationwide recently became one of the first banks to offer both Apple and Android Pay, was the first in the UK to offer wearable banking and earlier this year announced a new innovation collaboration project with Silicon Valley-based Pivotus Ventures and Umpqua Bank.

Tony Prestedge, chief operating officer at Nationwide, said: “The Society has a proud heritage of innovation, from introducing the first internet bank in the UK in 1997, to delivering a completely new core banking platform, market leading in-branch technology with Nationwide NOW and earlier this summer a powerful new banking app.

“Bringing external expertise to support the Board IT Committee allows the Society to benefit from decades of combined experience at the most senior level, complementing our in-house experts, as we continue our ambitious innovation, technology and IT resilience investment.”

Author: Chris Lemmon

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