New Top Officers

  • Smarterville Inc., a Seattle-based children’s media Web company, yesterday named Peter Doctorow, a former president of Knowledge Adventure, president and chief executive officer.
  • digiMine, a Kirkland-based company that provides data-mining software for Web businesses, yesterday named Bob Bolan vice president of legal affairs. He had been a corporate attorney for Microsoft.
  • Edge2net Inc., a Kirkland Internet telecommunications company, yesterday named Ranjeet Wilkhy managing director of its operations in Europe.
  • Advanced Radio Telecom Corp., a Bellevue company that provides Internet network connections to offices, has named Art Kawaguchi senior vice president and general manager for the Northwest region. He is a former vice president at Intermedia Communications.
  • Plymedia Inc., a Seattle company that makes software to help artists produce photo images that appear to have been shot on location, has named Bob DeSantis, former director of sales of vice president of sales and business development.
  • Bazillion, a Seattle-based broad-band communications company, has named Joseph Lawson Jr. executive vice president of marketing. He held that position at Bresnan Communications.

Source: Seattle Post Intelligencer


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