Optimiza announce a strategic partnership with Open Insights

Optimiza host a Tech Talk on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data with Jordan’s Banking Executives

Amman, January 07,  2019 – Optimiza hosted today in the morning a C-level presentation on Big Data & AI, presented by data scientist Dr. Usama Fayyad the international  speaker on Business Analytics, Data Mining, Data Science, and Big Data.

The tech talk was held at the Four Seasons Hotel – Amman, and last for two hours, with the attendance of the minister of MoICT HE Eng. Mothanna Gharaibeh, Eng. Nader Thneibat, MoICT Secretary General, and Jordan’s Banking Executives.

On the talk Dr. Usama Fayyad the Chairman & Founder at Open Insights – a technology and strategic consulting firm he founded to help enterprises deploy data-driven solutions to grow revenue from Data assets through Big Data strategy, and deploying, AI/ML in large enterprises- shares leading practices and real-world examples of the importance of having the right data strategy and practices to make Artificial Intelligence work pragmatically for enterprises.

The talk aimed to highlight on enterprises competitive edge in the rapidly changing data landscape through the use of artificial intelligence and large data.

Dr. Osama Fayyad addressed a number of topics including current and emerging trends in customer data science and analytics, Economic drivers for change in storage technology, Challenges and opportunities for big data, data science, and AI / ML, and the revolutionary benefits of the data-as-a-service platform

On the partnership Majed Sifri, CEO of Optimiza said “A key to making Artificial Intelligence work is having the proper data infrastructure and proper capabilities to manage data as an asset. Today, the need for this ability to drive significant business value from “data assets” has never been greater. We see such ability in our partnership with Open Insights LLC to set enterprises up in the region to successfully adapt to the changing landscape”


About Optimiza

Al-Faris National Investment Group, brand named Optimiza, is a leading publicly-listed regional ICT Systems Integration and digital transformation solutions provider (ASE:CEBC). With over 35 years of region wide technology systems integration experience and hundreds of projects delivered, Optimiza’s intellectual capital spans diverse industries, enabling over 400 professionals across the MENA region to integrate and deliver successful, innovative, and reliable consulting and technology solutions. With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Optimiza is specialized in offering business solutions and services in areas of management consulting, information technology, outsourcing, and training.

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