Programmatic Data Doctors To Watch In 2015

For programmatic to truly lead all forms of digital marketing, data experts — or what I refer to as “data doctors” — need to lead the industry in a complicated digital world. This includes simple data experts who can talk directly with their brand patients. Today’s data doctors are without borders and have their own horizontal or vertical specialties.

Here’s a handful of data doctors to watch as they lead the programmatic and big data industry.

Scott Howe (Consumers)

Howe has taken the public company Acxiom into the future with his programmatic staff and newly acquired companies. The former Microsoft executive is focused solely on ensuring big brands understand the complexities of consumer data in the new digital programmatic marketing era.

Scott Knoll (Publishers)

As the leader at Integral Ad Science, Knoll has been working directly with publishers by providing them data to reduce fraud, increase viewablity, and address overall quality. He has a deep background in digital media, but his move to data doctorhood came through ensuring everyone understands media inventory for trading to be transparent, seamless, and quality for brand advertisers.

Josh Feldmeth (Interbrand)

As the CEO of Interbrand, Feldmeth is responsible for “The Best Global Brand” report, which is a simple scorecard of the worlds most recognized brands. This measure and Feldmeth’s leadership make him a data doctor to watch change the game in premium programmatic advertising.

David Feinleib (Content)

Feinleib is responsible for the inforgram Big Data Landscape, and the book ”Big Data Demystified,” all of which rocked the worlds of data and programmatic. He is currently pushing the envelope by helping retailers understand their content and big data through his start-up, Content Analytics.

Brian Quinn (Retail)

Dr. Quinn is a data leader at a digital shopper marketing company, Triad Retail Media, whose clients include Walmart and eBay. Quinn is an advertising guru and data friend to the big retailers trying to understand their Web traffic, site, and data from a marketer’s perspective.

Layton Han (Travel)

The keeper of all the top travel companies’ data is Layton Han. Delta, United, IHG, Hilton and many others trust their data with Han’s company, Adara. Adara tracks 5 billion searches, 250 million bookings, and 300 million unique users to be the leader in travel data.

Usama Fayyad (Financial)

The first chief data officer at Yahoo, Fayyad, also a former NASA rocket scientist, is now the CDO at Barclays bank, bringing his data expertise to the financial industry. It will be enjoyable to watch Fayyad push the envelope for the keepers of today’s most important financial and global data assets.

These folks may not look like George Clooney, but are still doctoring up a storm in the programmatic and big data digital advertising space.

Author: Skip Brand


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