Providing insight into the evolving market of advanced analytics

ADMA Global Forum – Advancing Analytics


The 2015 Advancing Analytics IAPA National Conference brought to us by ADMA was a data science focused one-day conference that delivered global ideas for driving business forward through data and analytics.

Here are my “LOOSE” notes madly taken down while trying to take as much of the day in as possible.

I also photographed as many of the slides as I could, see the gallery at the bottom of this post.


developing an open analytics platform via collaboration Bob Jones was the Head of CERN openlab between January 2012 and December 2014, for the CERN openlab fourth phase.

Providing insight into the evolving market of advanced analytics

Usama Fayyad, Chief Data Scientist Barclays Bank


Bid data is a mixed of structured, semi structured, and unstructured data – Typically breaks barriers

unstructured data is taking over.

Yottabyte – 24 to the power

3 v’s of data

  • volume
  • velocity
  • variety


Blob – binary large object

Clob – character large object

Database doesn’t know what to do with it.

Data Axioms

1. data gains value exponentially when integrated and conceals

2. fusing data together from independent sources is difficult«

3. standaisation is essential

4. data governance is critical and policy must be centralise

5. recently matters – data streaming in modelling

6. data in structure needs

7. data is a primary competency and not a side activity

To Hadoop or notto Hadoop.

  • built on standard hardware
  • fault tolerant
  • build as a search engine
  • drivers – cost of storage.
  • hadoop is only $2k per terabyte

ETL – extracttransform and load

replaces expensive licences

higher performance

flexibility on scheme and taking structured and unstructured data.

4th V of data


netsteer – google adwords competitor that understand contextually better.

The connected cow:

every company is a big data company

data increased 70% chance of conception.

estrus rate
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