Revolution R at the Netezza user conference

Over at Information Management, Analyst Steve Miller gives his impressions of EnZee Universe(the Netezza user conference) where Revolution Analytics showed for the first time the integration between Revolution R and the IBM Netezza data warehouse appliance:

I was the guest of Revolution Analytics, the commercial R company, who was at Enzee to introduce the integration of its flagship Enterprise R product with the IBM Netezza data warehouse appliance. “Revolution R Enterprise ‘plugs-in’ to IBM Netezza Analytics (that ships with each appliance) to consolidate all analytics activity into a single appliance. With Revolution R Enterprise for IBM Netezza, advanced R computations are available for rapid analysis of hundreds of terabyte-class data volumes – and can deliver 10-100x performance improvements at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional analytics vendors.”

Steve also reviews the other presentations at the conference, including the panel discussion Exploiting Value from Ever-Growing Data Assets:

[Open Insights CEO Usama] Fayyad, Revolution Analytics CEO Norman Nie, and analyst Sean Rogers later led a lively discussion on the merits of big data. Both Fayyad and Nie noted the importance of large data sets when working with rare events and skewed populations. And both seemed to tacitly reject traditional statistics with its emphasis on significance and linear models that limit the numbers of explanatory variables for prediction. Rogers’ promotion of iterative exploration was seconded by both Nie and Fayyad, who also emphasized visualization and the artistry of analytic exploration. In the Q&A session that followed, a Forrester analyst noted the ascendance of open source platforms Hadoop and R for handling big data.

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