SC|05 October Newsletter; HPC Analytics Masterworks Session Features Data Mining Theme

SC|05 October Newsletter

Here are highlights from the SC|05 October Edition:

Sign Up for “Scatter/Gather,” A New Tech Program Feature

  • HPC Analytics Masterworks Session Features Data Mining Theme
  • InfoStar Offers Gateway to Extensive, Up­To­Date Conference Information
  • SC Desktop Makes Remote Participation Possible
  • Student Days To Sign Up HPC­Minded Undergrads
  • SC|05 to Again Host Family Day
  • Thursday Night Technical Program Event to Feature Noted Guests
  • HPCwire Announces 2005 Reader’s Choice Awards
  • SC|05 Gala Grand Opening Features Premier of “Official” Drink
  • Storage for Personal Luggage Not Available at Convention Center

SC|05 is the premier international conference on high performance computing, networking and storage, sponsored by ACM and IEEE.

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SC|05, under the theme “Gateway to Discovery,” will be held November 12­18, 2005, in Seattle, WA.

Sign Up for “Scatter/Gather,” A New Tech Program Feature

You can’t get any more timely than SC|05’s “Scatter/Gather” Technical Program sessions. No proposals, no submission deadline, no peer-review, and no manuscript formatting. Just a series of highly engaging short talks on anything relevant to the conference.

Want to test the waters for a paper you’re thinking about writing? Feel like providing a little peer review of your own about a talk you heard earlier at SC|05? Maybe it’s time to float that Petaflop architecture you’ve been dreaming up.

If so, then Scatter/Gather is for you.

There will be three Scatter/Gather sessions, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 3:30pm, with eight slots per session. To sign up, all you need to provide is your name and a topic. Be forewarned, though: The 10­minute time limit will be strictly enforced and will include all setup time. So, if you plan to use a laptop projector, come to the session early so you’re ready to start on time.

More Information:


HPC Analytics Masterworks Session Features Data Mining Theme

HPC Analytics will feature a Masterworks session from Jeff Nichols, Director of Computing, Oak Ridge National Labs on Wednesday, November 16, 2005 at the 10:30 a.m. session in Room 6B. The two­part presentation, entitled “The Strategic Future of Data and the Mining of Massive Data Sets,” will be featured at the inaugural SC|05 HPC Analytics Masterworks session. Dr. Robert Grossman, Director of the National Center for Data Mining at the University of Illinois­Chicago and Dr. Usama Fayyad, Chief Data Officer for Yahoo!, will present their views on the growth of data and the challenges of exploring, integrating, and analyzing the data. They will demonstrate how data mining systems are evolving to meet these challenges.

More Information:­analytics


InfoStar Solicits Conference Participant Input for Conference Information

For SC|05, InfoStar has developed a seamless environment for accessing functions, events, exhibitor information, technical program information, education program information, HPC Wire and more! Wireless devices will be your “window” to information and all the upcoming events during the week. Exhibitor and research information will be uploaded and updated ­­ the interface allows changes to content to be made anytime during the conference.

Exhibitors and researchers­-we need your help in making this year successful. The following websites are where your representative can input your latest information.

Use these sites before and during the conference to make sure your information is correct and current. In addition to company or research organization information, you are encouraged to provide information on any special events you are arranging.

Become part of SC05 and the excitement of InfoStar! Visit us at our booth in the South lobby near the Educational Program desk.

More Information:


SC Desktop Makes Remote Participation Possible

New this year, portions of the SC Technical Program are available to remote audiences. Participants who cannot make it to Seattle have the opportunity to register as a ‘virtual attendee’. Virtual Attendees will access the Technical Program via collaborative technologies that provide two ­way audio and video connection to the conference. As part of the registration these attendees will receive a limited­ term license for the collaboration software, or choose to use the open source version. Testing and training will be provided so that attendees can be confident of successful attendance.

As part of this new initiative, presenters in the Technical Program should be aware that they will be videotaped and their presentations will be archived for ACM.

More Information:


Student Days To Sign Up HPC­Minded Undergrads

Registration remains open for SC05 Student Days to be held November 14­15. This program showcases careers and educational opportunities in HPC and is especially targeted toward undergraduate students. Monday’s program will take place at Microsoft’s Redmond Campus and include tech talks, tours, graduate opportunities and young researcher panels. On Tuesday, activities include a guided tour of the exhibit floor and a career fair. The registration fee of $25 includes lunch both days, transportation to Microsoft from the Convention Center, and admittance to the exhibit floor. Students are responsible for travel and accommodations.

More Information:­outreach_studentdays


SC|05 to Again Host Family Day

Family Day, where the SC conference exhibition opens to conference attendees and members of their families, returns at SC|05 in Seattle. SC|05 Family Day will be held from 4­6 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 16. 21.

Registered SC|05 attendees can bring members of their family to the Washington State Convention and Trade Center beginning at 4 p.m. on Nov. 16 and they will be given access to the conference exhibition. Children of all ages are welcome, but each child 15 years or younger must have adult supervision at all times. Family members must stay with their conference­badge escort. Industry Exhibits industry­, Research Exhibits

Thursday Night Technical Program Event to Feature Noted Guests

On November 17, from 6:00 to 9:00 pm, SC|05 will host the technical conference attendees at the Seattle Museum of Flight ( for our annual Thursday Night Out. There will be busing provided to the museum starting at 5:30 pm. Signs advising the location of the buses will be provided during the conference.

This event is jointly hosted by The Boeing Company and will provide us with a variety of venues for our entertainment, starting with the Great Gallery, a 3 million­ cubic ­foot, six ­story glass ­and ­steel exhibit hall filled with 39 full­ size historic aircraft, 23 of which hang from the space ­frame ceiling. One of our guests Thursday evening will be Dr. Bonnie Dunbar, the new President and CEO of the Museum of Flight.

She is also a retired NASA astronaut, logging 1208 hours in space from 1981 to just this month. Other astronauts have been invited to the event.

HPCwire Announces 2005 Reader’s Choice Awards

In 2004, we saw the HPC community once again energized with new products, innovation and collaborations. A number of industry luminaries changes affiliations this past year, opening exciting opportunities for organizational growth and new alignments and partnerships. The overlap among HPC, grid and mainstream high­end IT solutions has evolved as the battleground for the marketing groups. In the midst of this activity, there are, of course, organizations, technologies and individuals that stand out above the rest.

Don’t miss the HPCwire 2005 Reader’s Choice Awards.

All winners will be formally presented with their HPCwire Reader’s Choice Awards on the SC|05 show floor. The details of their technologies will be subsequently covered in HPCwire. For last year’s winners, visit HPCwire at

SC|05 Gala Grand Opening Features Premier of “Official” Drink

The debut of the first official conference beverage, the “SuperComputini,” will occur on the sixth floor of the Washington State Convention and Trade Center! Designed by the master mixologists at the Westin Hotel Seattle after viewing the conference logo, the SuperComputini features Skyy Vodka, Island Blue Pucker, and Midori. The convention center caterer will be offering the drink at the Monday night Gala event, 7:00 p.m. ­ 9:00 p.m.

Storage for Personal Luggage Not Available at Convention Center

The SC|05 Committee would like to advise all attendees that no space will be available for storage of luggage at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center. We would request that you make arrangements with your hotel to store your luggage after checkout on your last day at the conference.

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