Speaker and Panelist at Big Data Analytics III: Ethical Issues in Big Data, London, 29th June 2016

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About the Conference:

This year’s conference acknowledges the big data promise: that it will revolutionise science and boost economic success. But all advanced technologies are bound by ethical considerations. Big data, especially that referring to customers, patients, or taxpayers – in short, data referring to humans – have issues of confidentiality and privacy, as well as appropriate use. These issues are bound up with data protection acts, freedom of information acts, and other legal constraints, as well as technical questions about whether anonymity is actually possible in the modern world of social networks and data linkage. To use big data without appropriate safeguards may be unethical, but to fail to use available data to shed light on human problems may also be unethical. The 2016 Big Data Analytics Conference will bring together experts from different application domains and will tackle some of the common challenges faced across these fields.

Conference Organising Committee

  • jamie_meredithDr Jamie Meredith
    Head of Programme Funding
    Cancer Research UK



  • david_j_handProfessor David J Hand
    Chief Scientific Advisor
    Senior Research Investigator
    Emeritus Professor
    Imperial College London


  • barry_levethalDr Barry Levethal
    Founder, BarryAnalytics Ltd
    Chair of Market Research
    Society’s Census &
    Geodemographics Group


  • nick_luscombeProfessor Nick Luscombe
    Chair in Computational Biology
    University College London
    Senior Group Leader
    Cancer Research UK
    London Research Institute


  • simon_tavareProfessor Simon Tavaré
    Professor of Cancer
    Research (Bioinformatics)
    Department of Oncology
    Director, Cancer Research UK
    Cambridge Institute


  • giles_paveyMr Giles Pavey
    Chief Data Scientist




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