Starbucks boosts loyalty and sales with daily analytics

In a bid to maximise online and offline sales, and increase customer satisfaction and bran loyalty, Starbucks Coffee Company is to utilize campaign response analytics technology from DigiMine, Inc.

Using business intelligence data gathered by DigiMine’s eBusiness analytics system, Starbucks will measure, interpret and act on data generated through both web site and offline customer touch-points.

Starbucks’ web sites are an online destination for the company’s customers to shop, register and manage Starbucks Card accounts, and locate their nearest stores. Data from the sites is delivered daily to DigiMine’s system for analysis, and the resultant reports are used by Starbucks management to analyse customer interaction trends and e-commerce metrics across the US. In addition, campaign response analytics allow the company to measure and improve the effectiveness of ongoing marketing and promotional efforts.

“Starbucks has achieved great success through a commitment to understanding and serving its clients,” commented Nick Besbeas, chief strategy officer for DigiMine. “Our services provide Starbucks with the comprehensive analytic solutions needed to extend this commitment into the online world.”

Source: The Wise Marketer / PDF

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