UTS:AAI The Advanced Analytics Institute Newsletter (ISSUE 4)

Special mention of AAI in the 2013 Australian Government Big Data Strategy – Issues Paper

It is very satisfying for the AAI to have been identified as a leading Institute within an Australian University, UTS for their research and contemporary work in the field of BIG DATA by the Australian Government Department of Finance and Deregulation.

“In Australia, the University of Technology Sydney has opened the Advanced Analytics Institute (AAI), a research institute that focuses on data and analytics science as well as evidence-driven decision making research. The AAI brings together researchers with a variety of backgrounds and aims to support and mentor generations of high-calibre analytics graduates. It has worked with a number of organisations and Australian Government departments including AMP, IBM, SAS, Microsoft Research, Nokia, Westpac, the ATO and DHS (Centrelink).”

“Analytics Cathedral” – Dr Usama Fayyad (former Yahoo! chief data officer and executive vice president of Research & Strategic Data Solutions; Chairman, co-+Founder & CTO of ChoozOn Corporation)

On April 2013, Dr Usama Fayyad visited the cathedral style Blackfriars office of AAI. He enjoyed the ambiance of the office and commented he had never seen similar arrangements in any other places. He called the AAI office an “Analytics Cathedral”, and appreciated the AAI’s RED Analytics business model by focusing on high quality Research, high calibre analyst Education, and high impact Development in advanced Analytics. Dr Fayyad generously offered his advice and support to the AAI strategic development.


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