AAi NewsBytes August 2014

After returning from my first annual leave in many years, I have enjoyed my recent weeks at work. There have been international and local visitors, including Dr Usama Fayyad and his Barclays delegation who shared their passion and expertise in data science, big data and data analytics which greatly inspired me. Data science continues to demonstrate its value into the main stream business environment. At AAi, we shall continue to play our roles in research, education and development (RED) and to demonstrate the measureable impact of the data science to business and government. I shall be attending the KDD 2014 (Data Science for Social Good), 20th ACM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining in New York later this month to bring KDD 2015 to Sydney. In coming months, we are staging more new education offerings in short courses, executive training and organising the 2014 Big Data Summit on 24­28 October in Canberra and Sydney.

There’s no shortage of useful data in most organisations and government departments which, when properly mined and interpreted by AAi, can create unexpected opportunities for enhancing performance, productivity and business growth.
Author: Prof. Longbing Cao

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