Applications of Artificial Intelligence 1993: Knowledge-Based Systems in Aerospace and Industry

Conference Committee

Conference Chairs

Usama M. Fayyad, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology

Ramasamy Uthurusamy, General Motors Research Laboratories

Program Committee

Ray Bareiss, Northwestern University

James C. Bezdek, University of West Florida

Gautam Biswas, Vanderbilt University

Wray Buntine, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Doug H. Fisher, Vanderbilt University

Paul A. Fishwick, University of Florida

David W. Franke, Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation

Ashok K. Goel, Georgia Institute of Technology

Lawrence O. Hall, University of South Florida

Yumi Iwasaki, Stanford University

Ramesh C. Jain, University of Michigan

Keith R. Levi, Maharishi International University

Stephen C. Y. Lu, University of Illinois/Urbana-Champaign

Steven Lytinen, University of Michigan

Raymond Mooney, University of Texas/Austin

Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro, GTE Laboratories Inc.

J. Ross Quinlan, University of Sydney (Australia)

Ethan A. Scarl, Boeing Computer Services

Jude Shavlik, University of Wisconsin/Madison

Prakash P. Shenoy, University of Kansas

Evangelos Simoudis, Lockheed Palo Alto Research Laboratory

Stephen Smith, Carnegie Mellon University

N. S. Sridharan, Intel Corporation

Jon Sticklen, Michigan State University

Richard Zurawski, Swinburne Institute of Technology (Australia)

Session Chairs

Session 1 – Machine Learning and Clustering

Tharam S. Dillon, La Trobe University (Australia)

Session 2 – Expert Systems and Optimization Techniques

Ethan A. Scarl, Boeing Computer Services

Session 3 – Monitoring and Diagnosis

Richard J. Doyle, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Session 4 – Automated Design and Expert Systems

Richard Zurawski, Swinburne Institute of Technology (Australia)

Session 5 – Integrating AI Reasoning Systems and Hardware Description Languages

Keith R. Levi, Maharishi International University

Session 6 – Case-Based Reasoning

Gautam Biswas, Vanderbilt University

Session 7 – Knowledge, Retrieval, and Training Systems

Evangelos Simoudis, Lockheed Palo Alto Research Laboratory

Session 8 – Scheduling and Planning

Steve Chien, Jet Propulsion Laboratory


Hardware Description Languages; Case-Based Reasoning; Knowledge, Retrieval, and Training Systems; and Scheduling and Planning. The two plenary invited speakers are Prof. B. Chandrasekaran of Ohio State University, whose talk is titles “Tasks, Methods, and Knowledge: New Directions in Generic Tasks,” and Prof. Robert S. Engelmore of Stanford University whose talk is titled “Knowledge Systems for Engineering: The How Things Work Project.” The last session of the conference will provide an opportunity for a select set of session chairs to summarize papers and ideas developed in their and related sessions, and to discuss the state of the art and the future direction of their respective areas.

We would like to thank all the authors for their submissions to this conference. We look forward to their enthusiastic participation in this conference and in coming years. We would like to thank Prof. Mohan Trivedi of the University of Tennessee at Knoxville for again chairing and coordinating the Intelligent Information Systems Program of which this conference is an integral part. We especially thank Prof. Guatam Biswas of Vanderbilt University, past chair of this conference, for this help, guidance, and cooperation, and for providing us the opportunity to put together this year’s program. We are indebted to the SPIE staff for taking care of all the detailed arrangements necessary to conduct a successful conference.

We hope this conference is a forum for the presentation and interchange of AI research and development results in aerospace and industry. We are confident that your participation will be enriching as well as enjoyable.

Usama M. Fayyad 

Ramasamy Uthurusamy


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