digiMine Launches Service for Marketing Campaign Analysis

digiMineSM Campaign Response Analytics (CRA) Improves Customer Acquisition and Loyalty Programs and Increases Return on Marketing Dollars

KIRKLAND, WA (February 26, 2001) — digiMine, Inc., a service provider of business intelligence solutions, announced today the immediate availability of digiMineSM Campaign Response Analytics, CRA. digiMine CRA is a hosted service that provides key metrics to measure the effectiveness of marketing and advertising campaigns. With digiMine CRA, companies can identify which campaigns, messages and media most effectively reach defined customer segments and drive sales of specific products and services. CRA increases the true return on investment of marketing and advertising campaigns, improving customer acquisition and loyalty. digiMine customers deploying CRA include AtomShockwave, ClassMates Online, Inc. and etrieve, Inc.

“digiMine already provides etrieve with an ideal solution for outsourced data warehousing, data mining and business intelligence, giving us valuable insight to how our customers use both our Web site and our mobile office solution,” says Sarah Van Dyck, vice president of marketing for etrieve, Inc. “etrieve will now use digiMine CRA to improve the return on our marketing expenditures by analyzing how our various marketing campaigns are paying off over time and within specific customer segments.”

Powered by digiMine’s sophisticated data mining technology, digiMine CRA is a unified solution for marketing performance reporting, analysis and decision support. CRA integrates data from third-party advertising servers, email marketing programs and affiliate marketing partners with deep analytics to provide a comprehensive view of marketing campaign results. CRA identifies which campaigns – offline ads, banner ads, email, incentive offers or direct mail – are most effective at driving customer acquisition and sales, giving marketers predictive capabilities to continually improve marketing results.

CRA enables companies to calculate the true return on their marketing investment by correlating campaign results with analysis of sales metrics, customer segments and product affinity. For example, CRA will reveal how effectively a banner ad is driving sales of a specific product within a pre-defined customer segment. CRA demonstrates the lifetime value of customers and associated acquisition costs, empowering companies to maximize marketing dollars, merchandising strategies and content management initiatives.

CRA is a new module within digiMineSM Analytic Services, a fully hosted data warehousing and data mining solution that integrates multiple data sources to provide insight into Web site performance, content and product consumption, browse-to-buy conversion and marketing campaign effectiveness. Like all digiMine offerings, CRA is a managed and hosted service that frees companies of the cost, time and human resource requirements of building and maintaining business intelligence infrastructure. digiMine customers access daily, graphical CRA reports on a secure digiMine Web site.

“E-businesses require a solution that integrates multiple data sources to provide a comprehensive view of marketing results,” said Nick Besbeas, digiMine co-founder and executive vice president of sales and marketing. “With CRA, digiMine manages the complex systems and technology behind the scenes to present all of the information in one place, making it easy to interpret results and take action.”

digiMine Analytic Services combines leading data warehousing technologies, proprietary data mining algorithms, technical expertise and guaranteed service. The company builds, hosts and maintains a secure, private data warehouse for each of its corporate customers, applying data mining and analytics to reveal meaningful patterns and provide actionable insight. Each day, digiMine customers receive reports about product sales, customer interest and campaign response. digiMine Services integrates click-stream, product catalog, promotion and transaction information to deliver a global view of business metrics and insightful decision support.

About digiMine
Founded in March 2000, digiMine is setting new standards for the delivery of powerful analytics and personalization to eBusinesses. digiMine’s advanced data warehousing and data mining services are securely delivered via the Internet, which enables a fast, reliable and affordable way for eBusinesses to act with precision and speed. digiMine provides comprehensive insight into customer interest through intuitive reports with customizable and interactive visuals. Typical deployment occurs within a few days, dramatically reducing costs, complexities and the burden on IT departments. For additional information about digiMine call (425) 896-1700 or visit the company Web site at www.digiMine.com.

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