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A consortium of some of the leading international public and private research institutional public and private research institutions have announced the launch of the summit, “High Altitude Thinking: Reinventing 21st Centuary Business Through Complexity Science and Informatics,” to be held Aug. 27- 31 in Santa Fe. Between 200 and 300 leading CEOs, chief technology officers have been invited to participate in discussions that blend big-thinking ideas with practical business solutions. The event will also provide a forum to meet throse individuals and organizations on the frontier of the next information trends. The summit will draw leaders in technology from all around the globe to discuss the application of complexity science and informatics to the real problems of today’s business environment. High-level technology overviews combined with real case studies will illustrate the power and strategic value of these technologies to business. The summit’s speaker lineup will include complexity scientists such as John Casti and Stuart Kauffman; Chris Meyer from Cap Gemini Ernst & Young; The Chasm Group’s Michael Tanner; DigiMine’s Usama Fayyad; Internet founder Lawrence Roberts; business and social trend-spotting commentators John Naisbitt and Everett Rogers; and other leading innovators. In addition to hearing from experts in the areas of complexity science, informatics and information technology, the summit will showcase cutting-edge research taking place at the national research institutions and within the high-growth informatics industry.

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