Invited Roundtable Speaker – European Trading Architecture Summit, London, UK, November 19, 2015.

Welcome to the European Trading Architecture Summit 2015

Meet this year’s Keynote Speakers!

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WaterTechnology and Sell-Side Technology are pleased to announce the fifth annual European Trading Architecture Summit, which will be held on 19th November 2015 in London.

Building on the success of 2014, the European Trading Architecture Summit brings together financial services technologists, service providers and technology vendors to discuss the latest strategies and solutions in trading technology architecture and enterprise infrastructure.

This year’s topics include: 

  • Bitcoin and digital currency
  • Data centric architecture (BCBS 239)
  • Data governance
  • Cyber security and risk management
  • From office automation
  • Innovation and IT infrastructure
  • Data analytics tools

Through a combination of panel discussions and industry presentations, senior representatives from both the buy side and the sell side will discuss the latest developments in trading technology whilst sharing thought leadership and industry experiences.

The European Trading Architecture Summit offers an unrivaled opportunity to hear from leading industry experts whilst networking with like-minded peers. Attending the event will allow you to take away a wealth of cutting edge information, enabling you to help your organization maintain a competitive advantage and stay ahead of the curve.


Keynote Speakers

John Finch, Executive Director for Projects, Data and Technology and Chief Information Officer (CIO), BANK OF ENGLAND


Jean-Michel Garcia, Global Head of CIB IT Infrastructure & Regional Chief Technology Officer for EMEA, BNP PARIBAS


Ed Fishwich, Co-CRO, BLACKROCK



2015 Speakers

Tim Rowe, Manager, Trading Venues Policy, FCA






James Humphrey-Evans, Partner, BORTSTEIN LEGAL GROUP

Meredith Gibson, Head of Legal Risk, SANTANDER



Anand Paul, Project Manger, CREDIT SUISSE



Tony Chau, Lead Architect – CTO Office, UBS



Richard Bell, UK Head of Exchange & Market Access, BNP PARIBAS



Herve Morel-Derocle, Chief Information Officer, AXA INVESTMENT MANAGERS





Alex Batlin, Group CTIO, Applied Innovations, UBS



Ian Alderton, Chief Information Officer & Managing Director, BANK OF TOKYO-MITSUBISHI





Burak Ozkeles, CD&S Chief Data Architect Director, DEUTSCHE BANK



Mahendra Japes, Data Governance Leader, GE CAPITAL




Robert Johnson, Head of Front Office Technology, MITSUBISHI UFJ SECURITIES





Erik Vynckier, Chief Investment Officer, Insurance (EMEA), ALLIANCE BERNSTEIN


Vivienne Bannigan, Founder, GRANULE LIMITED


Hany Choueiri, Chief Data Officer, BANK OF ENGLAND



Rupert Brown, CTO-Financial Services, MARKLOGIC CORPORATION



Usama M. Fayyad, Group Chief Data Officer, BARCLAYS



Mahendra Jape, Data Governance Leader, GE CAPITAL



Jorg Rebell, Product Manager, UNIFY




2015 Agenda

8:20 Registration and breakfast

8:50 Welcome remarks: Victor Anderson, Editor-in-Chief, WATERS AND WATERSTECHNOLOGY

9:00 Keynote address: Digesting the Bank of England

John Finch, Executive Director of Projects, Data and Technology and Chief Information Officer (CIO), BANK OF ENGLAND

Read our Q&A with John here

(Q&A and polling via SliDo will be used during this session)

9:30 C Level Roundtable: Regulations, automation and technological innovation – what is driving the agenda for the C suite? 

  • Is the need for speed compromising the ability to drive innovation into the business?
  • Maximising your ROI: Identifying the most profitable trading technology investments
  • Requirements for financial software improvements: Assessing the need for automation, interfaces, standardization and IT on the board
  • Are new skill sets required in order to respond to the sheer volume of change that is demanded by regulations?
  • Exploring the potential for bitcoin and trading platforms build upon blockchain technology


  •  Paul Stevens, Business Coach and Former CIO, LEGAL AND GENERAL
  • Barney Dalton, CTO, ASPECT CAPITAL
  • Erik Vynckier, Chief Investment Officer, ALLIANCE BENRSTEIN
  • Usama Fayyad, Chief Data Officer, BARCLAYS
  • Zishan (Zish) Khan, Chief Operating Officer – EMEA Technology & Operations BANK OF AMERICA MERRIL LYNCH (Subject for internal approval)

10:15 Keynote address: CTO – CIO: A new proletarianization

Jean-Michel Garcia, Global Head of CIB IT Infrastructure & Regional Chief Technology Officer for EMEA, BNP PARIBAS

10:45 Panel: MiFID II – Preparation, implementation and awareness

  • What is MiFID II really?? – What impact does it have on trading compliance?
  • MiFID II implementation: Making the necessary changes to ensure that you are ready for the January 2017 deadline
  • Will MiFID rules change trading patterns?
  • What legislative changes can you expect to see in the forthcoming months?


  • James Humphrey-Evans, Partner, BORTSTEIN LEGAL GROUP
  • Meredith Gibson, Head of Legal Risk at Santander UK, SANTANDER
  • Tim Rowe,Manager, Trading Venues Policy, FCA
  • Ian Salmon, Market Consultant, Finance, ACCEDIAN

11:30 Morning break and opportunity to network

STREAM 1: Trading Technology                    STREAM 2: Enterprise Infrastructure


STREAM 1: Chairman’s Opening Remarks: Nimesh K Bharadia, Chief Executive Officer, Founder, THE KAIMIAN GROUP

Stream 2: Chairman’s Opening Remarks: Catherine Dohetry, CEO, INVETIT


Stream 1: 

Panel: Leveraging analytics tools to become your competitive advantage

  • Using in-memory analytics to help you trade more efficiently
  • Addressing the skill set gap in trading technology and analytics – will 2016 be the year of the Chief Analytics Officer?
  • How close to real-time do analytics need to be? – is ‘right-time’ analytics enough?
  • Emerging analytics solutions: How will analytics evolve as we enter an era of vast, unstructured data?
  • Leveraging clustering in machine learning


  • Imrankhan Mulla, Director Analytics, UBS
  • Richard Bell, UK Head of Exchange & Market Access, BNP PARIBAS
  • Dr. Bertrand K. Hassani, Group Head of AAA (Advanced Alternative Analytics), SANTANDER
  • Steven Zaitshek, Head of Market Data and Analytics, MARSHALL WACE

Stream 2: 

Panel: Harnessing innovation to enhance your IT infrastructure

  • Aligning trends, best practices and preferred architectural frameworks to match business demands
  • Assessing which processes to automate to improve agility and performance
  • How is the transition to cloud and the use of third-party storage providers being monitored and evaluated? What security issues need to be considered?
  • Utilizing crowdsourcing to obtain a cost effective and scalable IT infrastructure work force
  • Rationalising your application portfolio management process to reduce costs and align process and application
  • DevOps: An emerging and exciting collection of practices or just another buzz word?


  • Annand Paul, Project Manager, CREDIT SUISSE
  • Dr. Tony Chau, Executive Director, UBS
  • Tom Cunningham, IT Director, JUPITER ASSET MANAGEMENT
  • Duncan Cooper, Sales, Connectivity & Integration Solutions, BLOOMBERG


Stream 1:

Panel: Bitcoin, blockchain and the future of digital currency

  • What are Bitcoin and blockchain – and can they be separated?
  • How will digital currencies reshape financial markets trading?
  • Security considerations around trading with digital currency – how susceptible to cyber threats are bitcoin in comparison to more traditional methods?
  • What is required for mass acceptance of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies?
  • Emerging issues in regulatory compliance and law enforcement efforts


  • Neil Panchen, CTO, ALTANA WEALTH
  • Alex Batlin, Group CTO Applied Innovation (R&D) Director, UBS
  • Mike Metcalfe, Head of Macro Strategy, STATE STREET
  • Julian Wilson, Head of Mobile Innovation, BARCLAYS

Stream 2:

Panel: Aligning data and technology: Implementing a successful data governance strategy to ensure quality and case compliance

  • How can new and emerging technologies such as cloud and big data be integrated with existing infrastructure to enhance performance, business agility and bring new efficiencies?
  • Creating a holistic view of your data by aligning terminology and standards between the front, middle and back office
  • Data governance: Culture change, business case, IT project case, or all three?
  • How important should you make when deciding whether to Buy vs. Build your data governance model?
  • Investing in technology – have you changed your infrastructure as a result of the need for greater governance?


  • Justin York, Performance Innovation Coach, RUBICON COACHING
  • Mahendra Jape, Data Governance Leader, GE CAPITAL
  • Ovo Gharoro, Head of Data Management Operations, M&G
  • Angus Lee, Head of Data Change and Innovation, Chief Data Officer Division, BANK OF ENGLAND
  • Rupert Brown, CTO – Financial Services, MARKLOGIC

13:35 Lunch break and opportunity to network 

14:35: Chairman’s opening remarks: Victor Anderson, Editor-In-Chief, WATERS and WATERSTECHNOLOGY

14:40: Panel: Leveraging cutting edge technology to enhance the efficiency of your front desk

  • What are the latest advances in trading technology, smart algorithms and machine learning – and what technologies do you expect to see being introduces in the next three years?
  • Market Surveillance: Advantages of monitoring for ‘unknowns’ and assessing what is normal behavior
  • Employing Complex Event Processing (CEP) to boost agility and enhance your competitive advantage
  • Consolidating legacy systems into a single platform to modernise data delivery and create consistent calculations
  • How will trading tools develop as mobile trading evolves and how can these tools be integrated into your existing systems?
  • How can you tackle software shortcomings without introducing unacceptable risk or interrupting the service?


  • Nick Green, Global Head IRD e-Business Product Management, CREDIT ARGICOLE
  • Chris Donnan, CTO, TYLER CAPITAL
  • Robert Johnson, Head of Front Office Technology, MITSUBISHI UFJ SECURITIES
  • Vijay Sing Rathor, VP, Global Client Technical Services, AZEL SYSTEMS

15:25 Sponsorship Presentation: The future of trading communications

Jorg Rebell, Product Manager, UNIFY

15:45 Afternoon break and opportunity to network

16:15 Afternoon Keynote Presentation: Title to be announces


16:45 Champagne Roundtables: Bring your questions, leave with your answers!

  1. Data governance architecture. Host: Ovo Gharoro, Head of Data Management Operations, M&G
  2. Bitcoin and digital currency. Host: Ron Quaranta, Chairman, WALL STREET BLOCKCHAIN ALLIANCE
  3. MiFID II. Host: Vivienne Bannigan, Founder, GRANUAILE LIMITED
  4. Data analytics. Host: Richard Bell, UK Head of Exchange & Market Access, BNP PARIBAS
  5. Risk Reporting. Host Rupert Brown, CTO – Financial Srvices, MARKLOGIC
  6. Infrastructure and Innovation. Host: Catherine Dohery, CEO, INVESTIT

17:30 Chairperson’s closing remarks

17:35 Cocktail Reception


Usama M. Fayyad Bio

Usama M. Fayyad, Ph.D. is Group Chief Data Officer at Barclays in London where his responsibilities include building and delivering the data infrastructure for BI, data warehousing, BigData and analytics/insights technologies across the Barclays Group globally as well as data governance, and enterprise Data Architecture. He also took on an additional role at Barclays as CIO of Risk, Finance, and Treasury Technology.

He is Chairman of Oasis500 in Jordan following his appointment in 2010 by King Abdullah II of Jordan to be the founding Executive Chairman. Oasis500 a tech startup investment fund that runs an accelerator, entrepreneurship training program, and angel investment network aiming to fund 500 Internet and Technology startups in the MENA Region. From 2011-2013 he served as Chairman & CTO of BlueKangaroo, a mobile search engine to help customers benefit from the vast offers environment that is difficult to search and benefit from.

2008: founded Open Insights: data strategy/technology firm to help enterprise develop data strategy & BigData solutions to effectively grow revenues.

2004 – 2008: Yahoo!’s Chief Data Officer & Executive VP of Yahoo!’s global BigData systems/policies & data scientist group using Big Data for content/ad targeting: growing Yahoo! Research Labs: the premier scientific research organization to develop the new sciences of the Internet.

2003: co-founded/led DMX Group, a data mining/data strategy company — acquired by Yahoo! in 2004.

Early 2000: co-founder/CEO of Audience Science (digiMine, Inc.) the leader in Behavioral Targeting & ad networks.

1995 – 2000: led Data Mining & Exploration group at Microsoft Research, built data mining products for Microsoft’s server division.

From 1989 – 1996: held a leadership role at NASA’s JPL in analysis of Big Data in Science earning him the top research excellence award from Caltech, as well as a U.S. Government Medal from NASA.

Fayyad’s Ph.D. in engineering is from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (1991). He holds BSE’s in both EE & CSE (1984)’ MSE in CSE (1986); and M.Sc. in mathematics (1989). He published over 100 technical articles, holds over 30 patents. AA fellow of AAAI (Association for Advancement of Artificial Intelligence), Fellow of ACM (Association of Computing Machinery), editor in two influential books on data mining; Founding editor-in-chief of primary scientific journal in field (Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery) and of SIGKDD Exploration Newsletter, Chairman of ACM SIGKDD which runs the world’s premier data science, big data, and data mining conferences: KDD. He is an active angel investor in U.S., EU and Middle East specializing in early-stage tech companies.

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