J. Crew Deploys digiMine Data Mining Solutions

Predictive Data Mining and Web Analytics Provide Leading Apparel Site With Intelligent Product Recommendations and Powerful Business Insights

Bellevue, WA (OCT. 15, 2001) – digiMine,* Inc., a leading provider of data mining business solutions, today announced that apparel, shoes and accessories leader J.Crew has deployed a suite of digiMine solutions, including Web site analytics and real-time cross-sell and up-sell applications. To maximize marketing effectiveness, Web site merchandising and online revenues, J.Crew now uses digiMine Analytic Solutions for valuable insights and decision support about online customer interactions. To help the retailer maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and grow sales, digiMine is also providing J.Crew with predictive data mining technology to deliver product recommendations to jcrew.com customers. These recommendations can be viewed today at www.jcrew.com.

“J.Crew required a comprehensive solution to close the data management, mining and business intelligence loop for our online business. Our goal was to find the right partner to help us use our business data for a better understanding of our customers, deliver the best possible online experience and grow revenues,” says Jayson Kim, Senior Director of Web Marketing Applications, J.Crew Group. “After evaluating a number of vendors and systems, we identified digiMine Analytic Solutions as the ideal approach. digiMine`s data mining and business intelligence solutions will help us better market our site and offerings, more effectively merchandise our products and continue to grow our online business.”

For jcrew.com, a key component to meeting its goals is delivering dynamic, relevant product recommendations to shoppers that will increase average order size and raise customer satisfaction and loyalty. digiMine`s next-generation data mining solutions were the right fit, providing powerful data management and analysis to drive effective recommendations, as well as compatibility and simple integration with the jcrew.com Web architecture. Now every shopper at jcrew.com can view compelling apparel, shoe or accessory suggestions, contextually based on their browsing and purchasing behavior.

By managing and applying sophisticated data mining to J.Crew`s data, digiMine also delivers critical decision support to jcrew.com for more effective Web site design, marketing and merchandising strategies. digiMine`s daily, Web-based reports provide J.Crew managers with analysis of Web site traffic patterns, product purchase trends, customer demographics and marketing campaign response. As a fully managed solution, digiMine Analytic Solutions provide J.Crew marketers and executives with actionable business intelligence while minimizing resource and infrastructure expenses.

jcrew.com was one of the first apparel Web sites, pioneering the transformation from traditional retailer to the world of e-commerce. J.Crew`s fastest growing distribution channel, jcrew.com has established a powerful online presence. Jcrew.com is a dynamic, sophisticated e-commerce site that constantly changes schema, design and inventory. digiMine Analytic Solutions adapt and scale to the evolution of jcrew.com, by integrating, warehousing and analyzing high volumes of data, including Web traffic “clickstream,” customer profiles, product catalog and marketing campaign data, such as email campaigns.

“As a leader in e-retail and online customer service, J.Crew understands the value and necessity of harnessing the power of business data,” said Nick Besbeas, digiMine`s Chief Strategy Officer. “By selecting digiMine, J.Crew extends its leadership through better insight to the interests and needs of its customers, while avoiding the resource and time investments normally associated with sophisticated data mining solutions.”

About digiMine

digiMine is setting new standards for the delivery of powerful analytics and personalization to businesses. digiMine`s advanced data warehousing and data mining services are securely delivered via the Internet, which enables a fast and reliable way for businesses to act with precision and speed. digiMine provides invaluable business intelligence and decision support through intuitive reports with customizable and interactive visuals. Typical deployment occurs within a few weeks, dramatically reducing costs, complexities and the burden on IT departments. For additional information about digiMine call (425) 460-5000 or visit the company Web site at www.digiMine.com.

By: Kurt Peters

Source: Internet Retailer / PDF

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