J. Crew taps new technology to maximize its web marketing and sales

J. Crew enlists digiMine to help with web site analytics and real-time cross-selling and up-selling applications.

To help boost web site merchandising, web site marketing and online revenue, J. Crew Inc. has deployed a suite of digiMine Inc. data mining solutions. J. Crew, a clothing retailer, now uses digiMine Analytic Solutions to provide insight and decision support for online customer interactions. J. Crew also is using a predictive data mining technology to deliver product recommendations to jcrew.com customers.

Jcrew.com hopes that using digiMine’s data mining solutions will help meet its goals to deliver dynamic, relevant product recommendations to shoppers that will increase order size and raise customer satisfaction and loyalty. The solution allows shoppers to get recommendations on related products based on their browsing and purchasing behavior. The system provides jcrew.com with data and analysis on web site traffic patterns, product purchase trends, customer demographics and marketing campaign responses.

By: Kurt Peters

Source: Internet Retailer / PDF

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