Keynote Speaker – iapa National Conference, Advancing Analytics, Hilton, Sydney, August 4-5, 2015.

The Advancing Analytics IAPA National Conference 2015 is the one-day conference that delivers global ideas for driving business forward through data and analytics.




Principle Data Scientist,





Project Leader, CERN






Chief Data Scientist, Barclays Bank






Chief Scientist, Ds tillary





AUS. Senior Principal Research Scientist, CSIRO



BOB JONES, CH. Project Leader, CERN



CLAUDIA PERLICH, USA. Chief Scientist, Dstillery



DR LEIF EVENSEN. General Manager Business Performance Analytics, Westpac



IGOR ELBERT, USA. Principal Data Scientist,



JULIE BATCH. Chief Analytics Officer, IAG



KEVIN ROSS. Chief Scientist of Optimisation Modelling, Fonterra



LIZ MOORE, AUS. Head of Research, Insights and Analytics, Telstra



STEPHEN PULMAN, Professor of Computational Linguistics, Oxford University



USAMA FAYYAD, UK. Chief Data Scientist, Barclays Bank

Usama M. Fayyad, Ph.D. is Chief Data Officer at Barclays. He is responsible for the governance, performance and management of our operational and analytical data, as well as delivering value by using data to create opportunities for the business.

Until recently, he was Chairman, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of ChoozOn Corporation/ Blue Kangaroo, a mobile and web search engine service. He has also been leading the OASIS-500, a tech startup investment fund, following his appointment as Executive Chairman in 2010 by King Abdullah II of Jordan.

In 2008, Usama founded Open Insights, LLC, a US-based data strategy, technology and consulting firm that helps enterprises deploy data-driven solutions that effectively and dramatically grow revenue and competitive advantage. Prior to this, he served as Yahoo!’s Chief Data Officer and Executive VP where he was responsible for Yahoo!’s global data strategy, architecting its data policies and systems, prioritising data investments, and managing its data analytics and data processing infrastructure. The data teams he built at Yahoo! collected, managed, and processed over 25 terabytes of data per day, and drove a major part of ad targeting revenue and data insights businesses globally. In 2003 Usama co-founded and led the DMX Group, a data mining and data strategy consulting and
technology company specialising in Big Data Analytics major projects with Fortune 500 clients. DMX Group was acquired by Yahoo! in 2004. Prior to 2003, he co-founded and served as CEO of Audience Science. He also has experience at Microsoft and headed the data mining products group. From 1989 to 1996 Usama held a leadership role at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Usama has published over 100 technical articles on data mining, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and databases. He holds over 30 patents, is a Fellow of the Association for Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) and a Fellow of the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM). He has edited two books on data mining and served as editor-in-chief on two key industry publications. Usama earned his Ph.D. in engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.



JODIE SANGSTER Chief Executive Officer, ADMA/IAPA
EVAN STUBBS Chief Analytics Officer, SAS

9.15 – 10.00 Massive datasets and huge-scale analytics: How CERN delivers insights that matter 
European Project Leader, CERN

10.00 –10.45 Providing insight into the evolving market of advanced analytics
Chief Data Scientist, Barclays

10.45 – 11.15 Morning Tea – Level 3, Innovation Zone

11.15 – 12.00 Sentiment analytics revelations: Detecting emotions in your textual customer data
Oxford University; Co-founder, TheySay

12.00 – 12.40 Analytics at the edge – the effects of the Internet of Things (IoT) data explosion
Senior Principal Research Scientist, CSIRO

12.40 – 13.40 Lunch – Level 3, Innovation Zone

13.40 – 14.25 Analytics as the great enabler: How giving life to data powers ‘Dairy for Life’
Chief Scientist, Optimisation Modelling, Fonterra

14.25 – 15.05 What makes the best analytics team?
General Manager Business Performance Analytics, Westpac
Chief Analytics Officer, IAG
Head of Research, Insights & Analytics, Telstra

15.05 – 15.35 Afternoon Tea – Level 3, Innovation Zone

15.35 – 16.20 Utilising machine learning for smart, targeted advertising
Chief Scientist, Dstillery

16.20 – 17.05 Locknote: Pre-emptive shipping: Using analytics to predict product performance
Chief Data Scientist,

17.05 – 17.15 CONFERENCE CLOSE

17.15 – 18.15 IVE Networking Drinks – Level 4, Zeta Bar

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