Keynote Speaker – World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (WSIE), New York, USA, October 9-11, 2013.


7:30AM ­ 8:30AM Registration & Breakfast (Amphitheatre)

8:30AM ­ 9:15AM | Digital Learning Suite (DLS)

The Next Big Thing: NYC Innovation Rumble Parallel Discussions Hosted by Bryan Davis, Founder & CEO, ki | KM
From Big Data to Elegant Data. Paul Hussein Tauk, Founder & CEO, Roxana
Tomorrow’s Incubators and Accelerators. Josh Daniel Stein, Founder & CEO, AdhereTech
Launching a Fast Growth Business. Usama Fayyad, Executive Chairman, Oasis 500
Growing Big by Staying Small. Al Gamble, Founder & CEO, Plan Burger B
One World Topic. Rhett Spencer, CTO, ChamTech Technologies Inc.
Pointing the Way to World’s Next Great Cultures of Innovation. Albert Green, CEO, Kent Displays
Prosperity through Partnerships. Kathy Boden Holland, Executive VP, Think Finance
Could Robots Transform White Collar Work? Alastair Bathgate, Founder & CEO, Blue Prism
Balancing Distribution vs Monetization. Per Buer, CEO, Varnish Software
The War for Lean IP. TD Lowe, Founder & CEO, EntovationNation
Harnessing Fast­Data. Michael Hummel, Founder & CEO, Parstream
Discovering Parallel Currencies for Development. Anshu Gupta, Founder & Director, Goonj
Data Versus Information: Old Rules, New Realities. Nuno Valentine, Co­Founder & CEO, C3 Nexus
How The Digital World Is Fueling Physical Media Nostalgia? Kim Kaupe and Brittany Hodak, Co­Founders, ZinePak

9:15AM ­ 10:15AM | DLS

Speakers Meet & Mashup: The World in 2015. Orchestrated by Sam Hamdan Chairman & Curator, tranzishen
This rumble mixes and matches our cast to explore the World in 2015. An opportunity to rub elbows with our speakers and actively engage in an experience that fuses the ideas and solutions of…

An artist with a gene therapist…
A design thinker with a solar cell engineer…
A social entrepreneur with a hydrogen fuel innovator…
A designer with a molecular scientist…
A philanthropist with a stem cell researcher…
An educator with a gaming technologist…
An anthropologist with a security engineer…
A digital branding expert with an open innovation guru…
… And many more.

10:15AM ­ 10:30AM Break | Amphitheatre

10:35AM ­ 11:00AM | Redstone Theatre

A Conversation On What the Future Holds for Tech Innovations? Sophie Vandebroek Chief Technology Officer & President,
Xerox Innovation Group


11:10AM ­ 12:10PM | Redstone Theatre

Healthcare, Transformed. Moderated by Lisa Rhoads Managing Director, Easton Capital
On Value­Added Health Insurance.. Finally!  Martin Watson Founder & CEO, SeeChange Health
On Mobile Innovations Saving Lives. Ashifi Gogo Founder & CEO, Sproxil
On New Healthcare Business Models. Wolfgang Renz Corporate Vice President, Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH
On Digital Health Technology, Today. Andrew Thompson Founder & CEO, Proteus Digital Health
On Clincial Medicine and Public Health, Next? Reed Tuckson Founder & CEO, Tuckson Health Connections

11:10AM ­ 12:10PM | Screening Room

Future of Money: Smarting from Transparency. Moderated by Axel Tillmann CEO, Russian Venture Company
On Smarter Automations, Smarter Banking. Alastair Bathgate CEO, BluePrism
On The Future of Investment Banking, Led by Women. Chele Upton Chiavacci Senior Advisor, Saber Partner
On Investing in Consumer­Oriented Innovations. Jim Glasheen Partner, Technology Partners
On Disrupting Money: Decades of VCs, Worth it? Dixon Doll Co­Founder & General Partner, Dixon Doll Management
On Bridging the Gap Between Subprime and Mainstream Credit. Kathy Boden Holland Executive VP, Think Finance

12:15PM ­ 1:15PM | Fusion ­ DLS

When Healthcare Met Finance… Then! Facilitated By Jim Glasheen General Partner, Technology Partners
Rapporteurs Axel Tillmann AND Lisa Rhoads

2:40PM ­ 3:05PM | Redstone Theatre

Bridging the Academic­Industrial Divide to Create Transformative Innovations. Presented by Don Ingber Founding Director, Wyss Institute


3:15PM ­ 4:15PM | Redstone Theatre

The Lifestyle Economy: A Whole New Immersive World.  Moderated by Michael P. Moskowitz Founder & CEO, Bureau of Trade
On King Branson’s New Lifestyle Hotel. Raul Leal CEO, Virgin Hotels
On Digital Natives, Quantum Lifestyles: We Are the Future. Jacob Barnett Child Prodigy
On Lifestyle Experiences, C U R A T E DAlexis Maybank Co­Founder & CSO, Gilt Groupe
On Removing Barriers, Improving Lives. Kevin Semcken Founder & CEO, Able Planet
On Here’s Why Thought Leadership Matters. Hamad A. Al­Ammari Deputy Secretary General, ATF
On Better Care, Better Lifestyles. Shaival Kapadia Founder & CEO, C3 Nexus

3:15PM ­ 4:15PM | DLS

Future of Impact Entrepreneurship: The Next Chapter. A Social Innovation Lab Led by
Nate Heasley Founder, Goodnik. Featuring…
Charles Best Founder, Donors Choose
Christoph Gorder President, Charity Water
Chris Clark CEO, PureGrowth/SK Energy
Jill Kickul Professor, Social Enterprise, NYU Stern School
Carol Cone Global Chair of Business + Social Purpose, Edelman
Jonathan Askin Prof of Law & Director Brooklyn Law School, BLIP & CUBE
Garrett Melby Founder & Managing Director, Good Company Ventures
Chyrsi Philalithes Chief Digital Officer, (RED)
Chris Albon Data Director, Ushahidi
Nancy Lublin CEO, Do Something
Patrick O’Neill CEO, You Give Goods
Chris van der Walt CEO, Change Assembly
Zack Rosenberg CEO, DoGoodBuyUs
Alastair Onglingswan CEO, GreenSouledShoes
Sean Steinmarc CEO, PS Give
Jake Porway Executive Director, DataKind
Tanyella Evans Executive Director, Library for All
Ralph Vacca CEO, Seek Change

4:15PM ­ 4:40PM Break | Amphitheatre

4:45PM ­ 5:05PM | Fusion ­ Redstone Theatre

The 3D Experience Society: IF WE Ask the Right Questions. Presented by Al Bunshaft Managing Director, Dassault Systems

5:35PM ­ 5:55PM | Redstone Theatre

A Conversation on the DNA of Global Innovations. Wim Elfrink Chief Globalization Officer, Cisco


6:00PM ­ 7:00PM | Redstone Theatre

A Designer in All of Us: Ecstasy of Creation. Moderated By Jorge Mendoza & Sergio Fernández Founding Nuts, Chickenbrainken
On My Life After Kickstarter. Jon Fawcett Founding Designer, Fuse Chicken
On Connections, Collections: Consumer Understanding First. Noor Fares Designer & Entrepreneur
On Reviving Excitement through Design. Andrew Capener Designer & Entrepreneur
On My Vision for the Next Art CityRaghava KK Artist
On Plus Energy Homes: Are We Ready? Daniel Ibañez Principal Architect, MaRGeN­Lab
On Personalized Perceptions for a Changing TomorrowLorenz Potthast Inventor University of Arts, Bremen
On Business, Breakthroughs and Boyfriends. Juliette Brindak Founder & CEO, Miss O & Friends

6:00PM ­ 7:00PM | Screening Room

Open Innovation and Living Labs Shaping the Cities of the Future
A Social Innovation Lab Led by Jarmo Eskelinen CEO. Forum Virim Helsinki, President of ENoLL
Ilari Lindi Senior ICT Policy Advisor, The World Bank
Alvaro de Oliveira CEO, Alfamicro
Sinead Ouillon Business Development Manager, Coventry University (UK)
Arturo Muente­Kunigami Senior ICT Policy Specialist, The World Bank

7:00PM ­ 7:30PM | Fusion ­ Redstone Theatre

Pointing the Way to Future Capitals of Design Rapporteurs. Jarmo Eskelinen AND Jorge Mendoza/Sergio Fernandez

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