ADMA Announces Full Line-Up of Speakers for Advancing Analytics

The third annual conference organised by The Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia (IAPA)

ADMA Announces Full Line-Up of Speakers for Advancing Analytics 2015

How do you cope when you’ve got 20 petabytes of data coming in every year, what can sentiment analytics teach you about your customers, and how will machine learning and the burgeoning Internet of Things (IoT) impact the analytics industry?

These burning questions and more will be answered at Advancing Analytics 2015, the third annual conference organised by The Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia (IAPA). The event takes place Tuesday, 4 August 2015 at the Sydney Hilton Hotel from 9.00am-5.15pm.

“Analytics is the way to transform and cultivate a smarter business and to stay ahead of one’s competition. Advancing Analytics will give the local industry in Australia the chance to hear inspirational stories from some of world’s leading data scientists about how they are transforming their organisations using analytics,” said Jodie Sangster, IAPA/ ADMA CEO.

The seven global analytics leaders who will present at this year’s event include:

Bob Jones, Project Leader, CERN (Switzerland) will be speaking about massive datasets/huge-scale analytics and how a scientific institution like CERN delivers insights that matter. He’ll discuss the big data analytics needed for more than 20 petabytes of data per year; how you can apply techniques like those used for CERN’s Large Hadron Collider data analysis to your own growing headsets, and how CERN developed an open analytics platform through collaboration.

Usama Fayyad, Chief Data Scientist, Barclays (UK) will give his take on the evolving market of advanced analytics, looking at the governance, performance and management of operational and analytical data systems, how to use data/analytics to create growth opportunities and cost savings, and how to prepare for the expansion/complexity of big data in the years ahead.

Claudia Perlich, Chief Scientist, Dstillery (USA) (pictured) will expound on utilising machine learning for smart, targeted advertising, and how data analytics and machine learning can be used in complex real-world domains and applications.

Stephen Pulman, Professor of Computational Linguistics, Oxford University (UK) will present about the different theories of emotions used in sentiment analysis and how to set in practice emotion detection leading to actionable insights in finance and health care.

Igor Elbert, Principal Data Scientist, (USA) will discuss how the online fashion giant is using analytics to conduct pre-emptive shipping to predict product performance, how to select/prepare data to enable predictive analytics, and the lessons learned and unexpected side benefits.

Kevin Ross, Chief Scientist, Optimisation Modelling, Fonterra (NZ) will discuss how giving life to data powers Fonterra strategies, how the world’s largest dairy harnesses the availability of large datasets for operational analytics, and how to get the best analysis and interpretation of relevant data.

Arkady Zaslavsky, Senior Principal Research Scientist, CSIRO (AU) will talk about the data explosion created by the Internet of Things, the challenges of dealing with big data created by the IoT, and if enriching IoT data with semantics helps or hinders the analytics process.

What makes for an analytics dream team?

The day also features a panel discussion on how to build the ultimate analytics team. Dr Leif Eversen, General Manager, Business Performance Analytics, Westpac; Julie Batch, Chief Analytics Officer, IAG and Liz Moore, Head of Research, Insight and Analytics, Telstra, will share their views on how to build and retain high quality talent for an analytics team and what skills and know-how are in greatest demand.

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