Application Helps Merchants Understand Multi-Channel Shoppers

Today’s consumer is a multi-channel shopper. But capturing data across channels and distilling it into something meaningful is a complex process. digiMine, a Bellevue, Wash.-based technology provider, has developed an application that helps retailers understand and make use of multi-channel customer data.

The company’s managed data warehouse platform stores, integrates and analyzes customer, product, transaction and marketing response data from on-line and off-line operations. digiMine’s managed approach allows retailers to bypass the often expensive and time-consuming process of creating an in-house solution.

Information and web-based reports are delivered to clients over the Internet, thus allowing key merchandising, marketing and service staff to access digiMine’s data mining and analytics. Customer segmentation, both directed by the client and discovered by data mining, is plausible.

For example, retailers can request data about all women who bought sweaters during the holiday season, both on-line and via catalog. In another instance, using data mining tools, digiMine may discover a group of customers who tend to buy shows and pants together, usually on sale.

“We specialize in marrying the data across the channels and applying complex algorithms to uncover patterns and provie suggestions,” says John Samuel, digiMine’s vice president of marketing and product planning.” Typically we can segment the customer base into 10 to 15 groups with similar behaviors and demographics. With a better understanding of customer behaviors and motivations, retailers’ decision-making is sharply improved.”

According to Samuel, the digiMine STaR (segment tracking and reporting) solution, which observes, analyzes and measures segments over time, addresses a long-time issue for retailers that need to see how segments migrate and evolve in response to new marketing, merchandising and service actions. The company’s retail clients include Barnes & Noble, J.Crew, Nordstorm and Starbucks.

digiMine recently added a new tool to its offering called Retail Advisor. This solution allows multi-channel retailers to present targeted and relevant product suggestions to customers on the web, in the call center or via direct marketing. Samuel claims that using improves sales conversion rates, increase average order size and gain a higher return on marketing campaigns.

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